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TaBare products are fashion and underwear solutions and alternative products that aid in the look and confidence of women. The products range from nipple concealments, alternative bras and panties, and fashion support products that allow women to wear the fashions that they would normally not wear because of the exposure and comfort.  In addition to the name change, the product line will be increased to include new products and improvements to some original products.


There are three fashion issues that all women are likely to encounter: avoid a certain style because of the fit; provide just the right lift without the need for a  bra, achieve the perfect look by getting everything to stay in its place.

Ask yourself these questions:

1.  Have you ever wished that you could wear a certain outfit, but feared that you just didn’t have the right support to make the style work for you?
2.  Have you ever avoided a certain look, because the style could not be worn with a regular bra and you would never be seen without a bra?
3.  Have you ever wanted to buy a beautiful top or dress, but feared the plunging neckline may expose too much cleavage and you didn’t want to risk exposing too much?

Well, if you answered yes to any of the questions, then we have the products for you.

At TaBare, we design products that allow you to feel comfortable and confident in any fashions. Our products provide the comfort and security that women require with today’s fashions, swimwear, lingerie, and dancewear.  Our adhesive bras, fashion tapes, nipple covers, and underwear solutions are quality products that provide the solution to your problems.  Our products are offered in three colors that blend well with most skin tones.  Our goal is to provide solutions for women fashion dilemmas.  At TaBare, we want women to feel comfortable and confident in their fashion choices.  We use advanced technology to provide quality products. We try to accommodate most women by offering these products in a variety of colors and sizes.  Our products allow you to be free of restrictions in your fashions and avoid the annoyance of having visible panty lines, bra straps and peek-a-boo underwear.

Bad underwear choices can take a $500 dress and make it look like a disaster.  Good underwear alternatives can take a $20.00 dress and make you look and feel like a million dollars. As women, we all know if you look good, you feel good. That’s why we consider TaBare Couture a confidence-building brand and a necessity for most of us.  Our underwear solutions can take you from ugh…to fabulous instantly.

TaBare, where the most important thing you wear is not intended to be seen.

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