Bare Thong

Our reusable, invisible self-adhesive thong without any sides. This panty adheres to your skin for a seamless look under all fashions. Also has a cotton crotch for comfort and protection.

Available in various colors: Vanilla (as shown), Caramel, Chocolate, and Dark Espresso.


Bare Invisible Panty

adjustable, discreet and very comfortable. The panty offers an excellent alternative to going without panties or risks of showing your panty.

The Invisible Panty is available in a variety of colors, fabrics, and sizes. You wear them like any other panty but has an adjustable leg strap that offers support. The panties sit very low and backless to wear with many revealing fashions.   The panty is unnoticeable under clothing and comfortable because it provides a 100% cotton crotch for protection.

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