Maple Leaf

The Maple Leaf modest pouch provides coverage of your male parts and is perfect for the gym, tanning salons, doctors offices and under see-thru bathing suits.  This item is worn during specific movie scenes and is very popular for many situations.  Washable and reusable.

The pouch is large enough for all your parts with a soft elastic pull tab that will allow you to wear with comfort.  Made of 100% Lycra 4-way stretch material.

Available in Beige, Brown or Black

One Size Fits Most.

Men-waterproof-disposable-reusable-sport-nipple-protection (1)

Men Invisible Nipple Covers

New light, transparent nipple covers for men. The nipple covers are great under all types of shirts. Covers also offer protection for running and exercising. Waterproof, breathable and undetectable is the perfect combination.

5 pairs per package


Sweat Blocking Wipes

Try our new clinical strength sweat reduction, deodorant wipes.  Stay dry for up to 7 days per use. Extra-strength antiperspirant that treats Hyperhidrosis and excessive sweating.

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