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Tabare Bra Strap Clips

Smaller design to fit comfortably under clothing. Conceals bra straps under fashions. Prevents bra straps from slipping, designed to prevent pinching, does not stick to your skin. Lifts naturally and enhances. Comfortable to wear and easy to use.  Three pieces per set.  Clear, Beige and Black included.


Bra Comfort Pads

Our quality Silicone bra strap pads that provide relief from bra strap pain and discomfort. Our pads are thicker and more comfortable than many other brands on the market. Also, with the flip over design, it prevents bra straps from falling.  Our comfort pads are thicker and longer lasting than most other brands on the market.


Bra Strap Traps

The Bra Strap Trap can replace the need for invisible bra straps or strapless bras because it secures the bra strap to the garment so it stays put and out of sight.

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