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Products, Creator and Future

Welcome to the Tabare brand. We are the leading brand of innovative, upscale underwear and fashion solution products. Our solutions line includes specialty bras and panties, underwear alternatives and other fashion fixes.  Our products do more than looking good – they bestow comfort, style, and convenience into the lives of our customers.

Functional, stylish and versatile…we bring solutions to challenges but we do it with style. Our goal is to help you feel confident and empowered. After all, our customers know who they are and what they want.  Do you need extra help to make you look great, confident, and comfortable?  Create the best look for you and do with style.

Welcome to finery…
Welcome to TaBare.

Our Story

Innovation, Inspiration and Inventiveness

The TaBare brand was created by Natachia Peck, CEO and Beauty & Fashion Entrepreneur. The signature product, the Gel Silicone Nipple Covers, is an ultramodern and innovative solution for protruding and sensitive nipples. It was inspired by Natachia‘s love of providing the best to her clients. Our Gel Silicone Nipple Covers provide a round shape, for a seamless look on the lightest of fashions; availability in three colors to blend with all skin tones, and a quality adhesive application to maintain the comfort and stability of the product.

After unsuccessfully searching for products that provided quality and function, Natachia designed a system herself which became the TaBare Couture brand. Our products meet the need of women and we stand behind the quality and performance of our products.

Beauty, Integrity, and Empowerment

TaBare’s strategy revolves around giving back and empowering others. One of the programs TaBare Couture is dedicated to supporting women and girls of several Atlanta non-profits. TaBare Couture donates products, our talents and our time to help empower the community. We provide our products to women and teenage girls in women and homeless shelters and sponsor events that help empower women and children. We actively work with shelters to find out what their needs are and help to fill those needs. If you have a project that falls into any of these activities, you are welcome to contact us.

Style, Comfort, and Convenience

In addition to new products for women, TaBare is designing a line of products for men. Check back with us soon for more information. We are also considering creating a natural beauty line and other products that complement our current products.

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